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* Various difficulties lie in one's way for the plan of building "the palace of animations"
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  ●前途多難な「アニメの殿堂」建設計画   * Various difficulties lie in one's way for the plan of building "the palace of animations"



Supplementary budget of 2009 fiscal year appropriated 11.7 billion yen for building "the palace of animations" which gathering in a hall "otaku cultures" of such as animations and comics so on that Japan prouds of to the world, was concluded in the Diet.
But, in addition to the criticism from opposition party that 'why make huge national comics coffee shop to invest a great sum of money', there is the opinion from a relative that 'the unnecessary such hakomono', various difficulties lie in future's realization.

Indeed Japanimations and comics including "Astro Boy", "the dragon ball" and so on are evaluated highly as "Japan Kool" from abroad too.
Though the aim of building "the palace of animations" is to make a foothold of the Information dispatch to overseas by the collection and exhibition of such works, there are voices like as it will be settled first to support the production spot of the low budget, to bring up the talented person and coming to end in "HAKOMONO" discharging a deficit for the plan of black management is illegible. 

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