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Free Trial Enrollment for "Online Japanese Lessons" in Progress!.
* Whether or not to switch to paid lessons, please decide after experiencing four free lessons for one month.

Recommendation for Free Trial Enrollment in
PAN "Online Japanese Lessons"

* We have received requests from prospective students both domestically and internationally, asking if they could have the opportunity to experience lessons for a certain period before immediately entering paid lessons in PAN "Online Japanese Lessons."
* The system itself, where students and instructors interact through audio and video using PCs or smartphones, for learning Japanese is a new endeavor. It is understandable that prospective students may have doubts about the effectiveness of the lessons.
* To meet the demands of these prospective students, the "Online Japanese Lessons" administrative office has decided to offer a one-month free trial course, consisting of four lessons.
* For those who enroll in the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course, they will experience lessons with the same textbook (four lessons for one month) used in the paid course. They will have the opportunity to undergo an actual lesson experience similar to the paid course, but completely free of charge.
* Of course, after completing the one-month trial period of four free lessons, you are free to discontinue using the "Online Japanese Lessons" system if you wish.
* Whether to transition to the paid "Online Japanese Lessons" course after the one-month trial period (in which case, the procedure for enrolling in the paid course is required) is entirely up to your discretion. The administrative office does not impose any obligation in this regard.
* For prospective students interested in learning Japanese through "Online Japanese Lessons" from the comfort of their homes overseas, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and experience the free trial course. Discover the joy and effectiveness of "Online Japanese Lessons."

Regarding Free Trial Enrollment in PAN "Online Japanese Lessons".

1) Free Trial Enrollment Conditions for PAN "Online Japanese Lessons" Course:
* Each prospective student is limited to one enrollment in the one-month free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course, consisting of four lessons.
* Prospective students who wish to enroll in the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course must ensure that they have the required PC and Smartphone environment (prior to the start of lessons, the administrative office will conduct a PC and smartphone environment check).
* For free trial course participants, the administrative office will attach a PDF file containing the textbook for four lessons (one month's worth) and send it via email approximately one week before the start of lessons.
* A week before the lesson start date, the administrative office will send an email with the name of the designated Japanese instructor (real name or handle) and the instructor's email address, who will be the partner for the lessons.
* On the desired lesson start date and time, the assigned Japanese instructor will contact you through the designated communication tool (Skype or Zoom). Please be prepared in front of your PC or other devices and wait for the contact.

2) Application Procedure:
* Free Trial Course Application Method:
# If you wish to enroll in the PAN "Online Japanese Lessons" free trial course, please apply through the "Online Japanese Lessons" enrollment application form (shared form for both free trial and paid courses).
* For those who applied for the free trial course through the "Online Japanese Lessons" enrollment application form, the PAN "Online Japanese Lessons" administrative office will reply within three business days with the "Free Trial 'Online Japanese Lessons' Enrollment Application Confirmation Email" (including the procedure for the trial enrollment).
* Procedure for Transitioning (Switching) to the Paid Course:
#Students who wish to transition (switch) from the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course to the paid course should apply through the "Paid Course Transition (Switch) Application Form."
#If the application and necessary procedures through the "Paid Course Transition (Switch) Application Form" are not completed, it will be assumed that you do not wish to continue using the system provided by "Online Japanese Lessons" after completing the one-month free trial course (limited to four lessons).
#Please note that there is no problem if there is a gap between the completion of the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course and the transition (switch) to the paid course. Rest assured regarding this point.

Enrollment Application Form of "Online Japanese language lesson"
(for the paid course and free trial course)

Specific Trade Law Disclosure & Privacy Policy: privacy policy

* For more details, please refer to here.


*For inquiries regarding PAN "Online Japanese Lessons," please contact us "here".

Pan*asia-net "Online Japanese Lessons" Administrative Office

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