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Those who want to attend "PAN Online Japanese language lesson",
please apply from the following form.

Free trial course & actual course
with charge for common use form
*The following forms are free trial course
and actual course with charge for common use.*
* It becomes an error when nothing is inputted
into the input item maked note of "indispensable".
[Basic data]
Full name(family name/last name)=indispensable
Living country or area=indispensable
Address=indispensable ZIP code
Date of birth Y M D
Distinction of male and female
Telephone number=indispensable International phone call number from Japan

E-mail address=indispensable
Lesson course to hope=
Lesson type to hope=indispensable
Lesson time=indispensable
* In case of selecting the "extra lesson service" for 1 lesson 1 hour and 20 minutes (Only attendance applicant of actual course with charge can select these lesson time), the charge of attendance increase by 40 percent as extra charge.
Lesson day and time zone to hope=indispensable
Current local times around the world
*The above is Japan time.
Lesson start date to hope=indispensable
*Please select the date after two weeks for attendance applicant selecting free trial course and please select the date after two weeks from the payment due date of tuition for one selecting actual course with charge.
Lesson language=indispensable
TV phone tool used priority
Hotmail address /
Skype name
Those who got acquisition, please show us of one or both.
Have an introducer
or not
Please inform us whether you have an introducer of "PAN online Japanese language lesson" or not. If you have, please write one's name in the blank of under.
Briefly comments In addition, please write your hopes etc.
[Questionnaire about "Japanese language lesson"]
* Please answer the following questionnaires, in order to have an effective lesson.
1) Experience of studying Japanese language
2)Level of The Japanese-
Language Proficiency Test
3) How do you want to make the best use of learned Japanese power efficiently?
# Please make attendance application
after reading under notes in the margin #
Free trial course
and actual course with charge
for common use button
To one want for attendance of actual course with charge # Please check about the following matter and procedures before the attendance application of "Online Japanese language lesson". #
1) After you send this "Attendance application form", Operating secretariat of "Online Japanese language lesson" will reply less than three business days "Confirmation mail of attendance application" (the procedure to attendance, the way to pay attendance charge, etc. are written also).
2) In advance of lesson attendance, you need to pay following expense as the charge of "Online Japanese language lesson" according to the distinction of lesson type.
# We recommend a participant to pay for attendance expense through
PayPal online payment system that one can pay & make remittance quickly, easily, securely moreover and then free of charge by credit card etc.
* About PayPal online payment system, the way of use etc., please refer to
PayPal site in detail.

Charge Regulations
[The charge of one-to-one lesson by one participant(As of 120101)]
Admission fee no charge
per 1 lesson 20 US$
1 cours(12 lessons) 240 US$
[The lesson charge by 2 participants(As of 120101)]
* We "Online Japanese language lesson" make a standard to instract Japanese by one-to-one lesson. But two participants can also take a lesson together under the condition of 1 PC use (1Web camera + 1 microphone & speaker) by their hope. The charge of attendance in that case is as follows.
Admission fee no charge
per 1 lesson 1participant 14 US$×2= 28 US$
1 cours(12 lessons) 1participant 168 US$×2=336 US$

* In case of selecting the "extra lesson service" for 1 lesson 1 hour and 20 minutes, the charge of attendance increase by 40 percent as extra charge.

3) As soon as conforming the payment of attendance charge throough PayPal online payment system, Operating secretariat will contact for the check before lesson attendance.

* Inquiry of "Online Japanese language lesson" is to "here".
Operating secretariat of "PAN Online Japanese language lesson"

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