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Features of
PAN "Online Japanese Lesson"
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One-on-one, video-based, and affordable Japanese language courses using the internet!

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By utilizing the videophone function of the free distribution communication tool, Online Japanese learning!

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You can take private Japanese lessons at any time and while staying at home!

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All instructors are native Japanese speakers, so you can learn real Japanese!

Now recruiting participants for the free trial "Online Japanese Lesson"!
* Please decide whether or not to switch to the paid full-course lesson after experiencing 4 free lessons for one month.

Introduction to "Online Japanese lessons"

* For foreigners living in Japan as well as overseas who want to start studying Japanese or want to speak Japanese better, what do you think about trying the revolutionary Japanese language learning system, PAN "Online Japanese Lessons," which utilizes the internet (smartphones) ?
* "Online Japanese Lessons" are aimed at foreigners who want to study Japanese online, using communication tools distributed free of charge on the Internet, videophones, and remote meeting functions. This is a Japanese language study course established so that you can take Japanese lessons easily and inexpensively.
* As an online course utilizing the internet, you can take one-on-one Japanese language lessons by native Japanese instructors, utilizing audio and video, at your preferred time, whether on your home computer or your smartphone, 24 hours a day.
* Take this opportunity to acquire "Japanese language skills" through "Online Japanese Lessons" using convenient tools on the internet with and utilize your Japanese skills for favorable job opportunities or genuine communication with Japanese people.

* In addition, the "main course" in the information below means a paid lesson course that incurs regular costs, unlike the free trial lesson.

Required Environment for Attendance

[PC Environment, etc.]
* Windows 10 or above installed.
* Equipped with a web camera and headphones with a microphone (can be internal).
* Broadband use such as 1MB or more ADSL line or optical line (recommended).
E Mac PCs and smartphones with specifications equivalent to or above the above environment.

[Communication tools]
* We will utilize Skype (Microsoft) or Zoom (Zoom Video Communications) to proceed Japanese lessons through audio and video communication (one of the tools will be selected considering the usage environment of your PC or smartphone).
* To use Skype or Zoom, you will need to register an ID or create an account. For installation instructions and procedures for using Skype and Zoom, please refer to the guidance provided on their respective websites. .

From "Application for Attending course" to "Lesson Start "
(Full Course)
* For details about the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course, please refer to here.

[Flow chart]

1) Application of Attending course 2) Payment of Course Fee
3) Confirmation of Course fee payment 4) Pre-Attending lesson check
5) Lesson Start

[Flow Explanation]

1) Application of Attending course Please apply for the course from the application form. After receiving your application, We will confirm your intention by e-mail.
2) Payment of Course Fee Make the payment of the specified course fee using the PayPal payment system.
3) Confirmation of Payment Received Receive a notification from the PayPal payment system and confirm the payment of the course fee.
4) Pre-Lesson Check Through prior communication with the "Online Japanese Lessons" administration office, we will check if Skype or Zoom is accessible.
5) Lesson Start Online Japanese lessons by Japanese instructors, start.

Lesson Overview
(Main Course)
* For details about the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course, please refer to here.

[Course Description]
Course Name 1 cours Lesson Language Level
IntrIntroduction Course12 lessons JapaJapanese + English For first-time Japanese learners
Beginner Course 12 lessons Japanese (+ English) For N5, N4 level exams
Intermediate Course 12 lessons Japanese For N3, N2 level exams
Advanced Course 12 lessons Japanese For N1 level exams

[Lesson Time]
* The standard lesson time is 50 minutes. However, upon request, you can also opt for the "Extra Lesson Service" (available only in the paid main course) with lesson time of 1 hour 20 minutes (at an additional cost of 40% of the regular fee).
* Lessons are scheduled once a week, primarily based on the desired day and time of the learners (the specific day and time for each weekly lesson will be determined in advance in coordination with the Japanese language instructor).
* For learners who wish to intensively study Japanese, special lesson programs such as twice a week or three times a week lessons can be arranged.

* We use textbooks based on the widely adopted standard textbooks used in Japanese language schools in Japan, with additional original editing.
* The textbook for each 12-lesson course is divided into three parts, and the text for the first four lessons is converted into PDF files, which will be attached by e-mail and distributed before each lesson.

* In "Online Japanese Lessons," we have established a network of Japanese language instructors (Japanese natives) who are passionate about teaching Japanese to foreigners. They are recruited and registered from all over the country to create a well-structured teaching team.
* Considering the learners' Japanese language proficiency, for introductory and beginner courses where learners may have limited Japanese proficiency, the lessons may be conducted by instructors who are proficient in the learners' native language or English.
# Currently, preparations are underway to allow learners to select specific Japanese language instructors from the registered instructors for their lessons, based on their preferences.

Adoption of a function that can reflect the voices of trainees
(Main Course)

[System Evaluation]
* In fact, we are planning to set up a special BBS so that those who are taking "online Japanese lessons" can express their frank opinions and wishes regarding lessons and instruction.
* PIn addition to the above purposes, please use the special BBS as a place to exchange opinions and make friends with fellow students.

[Evaluation of Japanese Language Instructors]
* Students of "Online Japanese Lessons" can request to change the Japanese language instructor only once per course (12 lessons).
* We plan to introduce a "Popularity Ranking" system for registered Japanese language instructors, while carefully expanding the teaching staff.
* After the popularity ranking system for registered Japanese language instructors is in place, applicants will be able to refer to the rankings and nominate a Japanese language instructor and apply for the course.

(Full Course)
* For detailed information about the free trial "Online Japanese Lessons" course, please refer to here.

# PayPal Payment and Transfer Regulations #
* The following regulations apply to payments and transfers in local currencies, including dollars, through the PayPal online payment system.
* For detailed information on how to use the PayPal online payment system, please refer to the PayPal site.

Fee Regulations
[One-on-One Lesson Fees (as of 2023-05-01)]
Admission fee 1 lesson 1 coursi12 lessonsj
Free 20 US$ 240 US$

[Lesson Fees for Two Participants (as of 2023-05-01)]
* In "Online Japanese Lessons," are basically one-on-one lessons. But if you wish, you can use the video conference system of Skype or Zoom to take lessons for up to two students at the same time. In such cases, the lesson fees are as follows:

Admission Fee 1 lesson 1 coursi12 lessonsj
Free Pparticipant 15 US$~Q
30 US$
Pparticipant 180 US$~Q
360 US$

[Payment Method]
* We recommend using the PayPal online payment system, which allows quick, easy, and secure payments and transfers from credit cards and various sources worldwide, with no transaction fees.
* Please make the payment for the lesson fees as a deposit in advance before the start of the lessons, following your enrollment application.

Refund Regulations for Cancellations on the halfway
(Main Course)
* For cancellations (mid-term termination), we will refund the corresponding amount of the payment according to the following regulations:
Midterm Cancellation Period Refund Amount (percentage)
Up to 1 month before lesson start 75% refund (fees associated with cancellation apply)
Up to 2 weeks before lesson start 50% refund
Up to 1 week before lesson start 35% refund
Before lesson start 20% refund
After lesson start No refund

"Online Japanese language lesson"Application Form
(Main Course, Free Trial Course)

Specified Commercial Transaction Law Notice & Privacy Policy
* In details, please refer to here.

Operating manager

* For inquiries about PAN "Online Japanese lesson", please contact us "here".
Pan*asia-net "Online Japanese Lessons" Management Office

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