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Offering the "Online Japanese Lesson" systems, bilingual Japanese learning contents, J young cultural information in Japan & so on.
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Characteristics of PAN "Online
Japanese language lesson"
img of button1 One-to-one, useing movie and moreover cheaper charge of Japanese language lesson on Net!
img of button2 You can do Web Japanese study by practical using TV phone function of free distributed communication tools.
img of button3 You can take private Japanese language lessons at your favorite time and from your seat.
img of button4 All lecturers are Japanese. Therefore, native speaker' Japanese can be studied!
Now recruiting attendants of free trial "Online Japanese language lesson". * After you experience four times of free lessons for one month, please decide whether you will shift (change) to the actual course with charge.
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Questions and Answers
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About Japanese language, learning of Japanese language, Japanese culture and so on.
Here is the space of Q & A among user and webmaster.
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・The meaning of this site aims at being the place of mutual-exchange for Asian and widely, offering Japanese (English, Chinese, and Korean) study and information tools to the young people of China, circumference Asian and other countries concern in Japanese and Japanese youth culture, and to Japanese young people further, by preparing some Japanese-English, Japanese-Chinese and Japanese-Korean bilingual information columns about Japanese newest youth culture to be displayed at same page and to read free of charge.
・Also You can learn Japanese language on net by free at the first, and can challenge Japanese language quizes.
The reference of this Web site.
Pan*asia-net……パナシアネット 草の根国際交流/日本語学習サイト…汎アジアネット